Donald Trump Real News Update KEEP FIGHTING

Donald J. Trump – Real News Update Today

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If we want to keep winning and continue all the incredible progress we’ve made, then there’s only one thing to do: KEEP FIGHTING!

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Ricky Bateman My Dad spent 2 years in Vietnam, came back with out his best friend. For several years my Dad tried to warn me about Socialism, Liberalism and Democrats and I wouldn’t listen. He now has my full attention…..I was horribly wrong. This guy Trump, he’s getting it done folks, he’s bringing America back!….All from a guy that could be living on his 100 million dollar yacht, in the middle of the Mediterranean, thinking about his helicopter pad. Instead, this guy chooses to live in a 250 year old home?….are you kidding me, donating his salary???…..tabling questions daily from people who want to make us Venezuela?…..I wouldn’t put my family through it, nor would you….All that can be said….is……MAGA

Troy Berry Those Obama numbers are from when Obama took over the economy from Bush, which was in an awful place. You inherited an economy that was strong and growing. You're telling only half of the truth.

Paula J Drummond This Man President Trump who had a wonderful and very full life did not need this job. 
( that he donates his salary for)
He ran because he knew his country needed him

Kristie Dickens Everything Obama did for the first 4 years of his term was fix what Bush did according to him. Everything that has happened good under Trump is because of what Obama did in his last 4 years. SMDH

Chris Hill I wish you'd come to Paducah or Murray Kentucky, but I don't know if there's a venue to hold the crowds… (it's not a bad thing) , but it's disapointing to us locals

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