Donald Trump Real News Tv 2019 With Lara Trump Today

Donald Trump Real News Tv 2019 With Lara Trump

The Trump economy is HOT, and voters are taking notice!

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Pamela Louvett Adams Thank you Mr. President for your never ending effort to make our lives and this country a much better place. Praying that God will continue to guide you and keep you and your family safe. This Smithfield, Va family of deplorables loves and respects you.

Valerie Lynch Another grueling schedule for Individual 1… DO you do it? Well, well rest assured you will have plenty of time for lying, Executive Time (watching tv), tweeting (same as lying) and self aggrandizement. smdh

Barbara Gray When the President post his schedule for the day, so many people call him lazy among many things. Do they not realize that all things are not for the public to see. An example: he is briefed on all security matters for the country. When you work an eight hour job, does your employer require you to account for every minute of your time? No, because you wouldn’t have time for what you were hired to do. Enough said!

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