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No matter what issue or resistance we face, we will continue to prove the critics wrong!

No matter what issue or resistance we face, we will continue to prove the critics wrong!

Người đăng: Donald J. Trump vào 1 Tháng 3 2018

Supporters reacted:

Dean Cantrell I don’t get the tariffs. How is that going to help America? I can see how it can help the steel industry, but how does it make America great?

Bill Spoor Now ma lot of these posts ae like “I voted for Trump, but he’s takin’ our GUNS!”
The Russian bots must so confused right now

Michael Smith One term Trump !!!
You move forward with this gun legislation and you will be done on 2020 .
And will have the blood of those who attempt to suppress the 2nd amendments rights on your hands .
Those who think they can forcefully remove weapons from law abiding citizens will have a rude awakening!
Especially when they read the obituaries!!
They will think twice .

Zion Omega Lautenberg Amendment is; “DOUBLE JEOPARDY”, “EX POST FACTO”, “BILL OF ATTAINDER” While “INFRINGING ” ON 2A. Everyone following or upholding the domestic violence lifetime gun ban is practing tyrranny and treason against American citizens.

Areta Morrison Zeigler If there is a limit on pur 2nd amendment right, I will no longer vote Republican nor will I vote for a Democrat. This will be the last straw for many people. Why should we have our rights restricted when congress, the senate, the president and vice president along with other rich people can afford to pay for body guards to protect them.

The government wants the Americans disarmed so they can push any policy they want. Please reconsiderabput proposing change to the second amendment. Americans are expecting President Trump’s policies to protect our right as stated in the Constitution.

Frank Eicher I was with you 100% until this gun issue. Maybe raising the age to 21 might be an issue to be debated but ignoring due process by seizing guns and let the courts working it out later goes against the Constitution.

The only reason I was against the no fly no gun bill was there was not any way to check or get off the list once you were on it even if but mistake or clerical error IE your name closely spelled to an actual terrorist. I do not understand how it is that when one of these shooting happen it is always the law abiding citizen that get our right threatened? enforce the laws on the books first! felons trying to by guns do not get prosecuted enough!

Susan Urena Kushner going down and this is just one example. The recent loan has come under scrutiny because an executive of the lender, an affiliate of Apollo Global Management, met regularly last year at the White House with Jared Kushner, a senior adviser to President Donald Trump, his father-in-law, according to the New York Times. Jared Kushner was CEO of Kushner Cos. before joining the Trump administration and still owns a large stake in his family’s real estate business.

The Times suggested the Apollo loan represented a conflict of interest, a mixing of Kushner’s official government duties with his business activities. At the time, Apollo was advising the White House on infrastructure policy, and the company has sought ways to benefit from its infrastructure plan, the newspaper reported.

Gail Jetonne I volunteered for you , worked in many states . I will not be doing that again. You have NOT done what you said you would. This gun BS was the final straw for me. I am off the Trump Train…

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