President Trump Holds a Joint Press Conference with the President of the Russian Federation

Donald Trump Putin Helsinki

U.S. President Donald J. Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin shake hands at the beginning of a meeting at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, Finland.

President Trump has a Bilateral Meeting with the President of the Russian Federation

President Trump Attends Breakfast with the President of the Republic of Finland

LIVE: President Trump Meets With Putin In Helsinki

Live Coverage of Helsinki Summit as Vladimir Putin and Trump hold historic meeting

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Viewers reacted to  Donald Trump Putin Helsinki

Jeffrey Wright All you bias people with your BS comments need some education on history!!! You need to also realize how much more powerful our country is then Russia. Stop wishing our president failure Because if he fails we fail!

Doug Nellans I find it funny how many Liberals are apparently liking and following Fox News. Trolls anyone? Is obvious they are only here to make snarky comments. Fact checking has proven that Fox is the most balanced media out there but does predominantly lean more toward conservative.

Joey William We went from a guy who bowed down to foreign leaders to a guy who’s putting everyone on notice. Funny how ppl are still calling for impeachment but he’s doing a great job

Paula Connelly I love how the left screams he can't "deal with this situation because he is a"! Tell ME what other president had experience with PUTIN before they were elected? Does COMMUNITY ORGANIZING prepare you for this? LOL

Lewis Blocker CNN is reporting although Putin is 4 feet shorter than Trump, his arms are longer as you can see in this photo… will this affect disenfranched Black people living in Antartica?

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