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Domenic Haynes The Voice

Domenic is a unique stylist and maybe not suited for The Voice. But he takes risks and I like that. This isn’t my favorite performance from him, but I still hope he advances

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Live battle cross tonight

Recaps of their journey so far.

Matthew is up first.  This is a good song choice, and he is confident.  All his signature runs and smoothness so far.  He really gets into it, Kelly’s on her feet.  Smooth, powerful ending.  John is on his feet too as Matthew goes into falsetto.  That was probably the best of the night so far.

Straight ahead Domenic Haynes…

Domenic takes the stage.  He’s so good too.  He has a such a unique, raspy tone.  He hits big notes too but he has a lower range that has an emotional rasp to it.  He never really wails, but he emotionally sold that song, he sounded like he was going to burst into tears.  That was close, I prefer Domenic’s style, but Matthew slayed that.

Kelly tells Domenic he nailed it.  Matthew’s voice with this song, was so impressive.  Adam says Domenic is one of the most honest, raw, emotional, powerful singers the show has ever had.  He has the most important thing, he can do it with emotion.  John says it’s interesting he wanted them both on his team.  Domenic’s stage presence, stood out.  Matthew’s singing was flawless.  Blake agrees that he won’t help America.  It’s hard not to watch Matthew, he has so much fun.  Domenic’s performance was so good.

Kelly composes herself and picks Presley to be the next battler.  Kelly challenges Team Legend!  John picks Kayslin to battle, because she’s a teenaged power singer.

Domenic Hayes, Tampa, FL vs. Trey Rose, Hugo, OK “Need a Dollar”

Domenic just graduated High School, got a hamstring injury so he couldn’t continue in sports.  Watching their blind auditions clips, reminds us that Adam used a block on Domenic.  Trey juggles life as a Father and as a musician.  Adam picked the song because it’s kind of bluesy.  Charlie says Trey isn’t about vocal Olympics but really makes it alone.  Adams says they need to do something musically to sepearte their voices, suggests starting acoustic.  Charlie and Adam rearrange the song for them.  Charlie says he likes Domenic’s raspy voice.  Adam tells him not to overplay his best quality.  Charlie says it will come down to whoever makes the biggest splash.  Cut to stage rehearsals they are both so excited.

Domenic is wearing a velvet beret and Trey is wearing a leather jacket.  They are working the stage pretty good.  They both sing really good and have different styles.  Domenic may be pushing a little too hard at first, and Trey is a little quiet.  Trey hits some great falsetto notes and Domenic has a raspy voice that is so distinct.  Trey really gets into it and starts to get into it towards the end.  Blake says it was an even battle.  I agree, I think it was even…  Blake said Trey has cool falsetto and Domenic plays with the pocket.  Blake says he enjoyed Domenic’s performance more.  Kelly also says it was even.  Trey has range, and Kelly would pick him.  John says he wanted Domenic on his team, and he has a different voice.  Trey has a dynamic range.  Adam tells them they both did everything they adjusted about, Trey had so much energy and Domenic held back.  He’s proud of both of them.  I am not picking this time because I’ve been wrong all night.  The winner of this battle is Domenic!  Adam says Domenic is a star.  Trey tells Adam thinks for him giving a shot.  Trey Rose is eliminated.  

This is the voice winner Mark my word. What a voice 

See why all the Coaches are fighting over this 4-chair turn

Domenic Haynes performs "River" in The Voice Blind Auditions.

His parents insisted he do sports. His mother was a track athlete. He loves track too. He suffered a career ending injury in high school. He turned to music. “John Legend would be a fantastic coach to work with,” says Domenic. He claims to be a novice, but there is a ton of natural talent here. Domenic has a beautiful tone and phrasing.  Adam turned right away…and blocked John. He doesn’t notice right away, which amuses Kelly to no end. Blake turns at the very last minute. “I hate you Adam!” says John. He calls the singer his favorite so far. But poor Domenic is blocked from choosing his favorite by Coach Asshat. Reason 133381 why I HATE The Block. “You have the ability to separate yourself from anybody on this show,” says Blake. Kelly calls him a natural born storyteller. “I felt something in my bones when you sing,” says Adam. Domenic Chooses Team Adam. Bad choice, dude. 

No lights (open session) 

Viewer react to Domenic Haynes The Voice performance

Pat Roberts Maistros I think this season may be the best Voice in a while! Course everyone loves the Legend~ But I actually busted out laughing during this the first one! It was great fun. This group works for me. I love it! And I'm fine with the Block because later these coaches can get a little bit of a "seasoned," coached contestant. That can only be better for them IMO. Love it!! Can't wait for the next show!

Leesa Way OMG!!! This mans voice I can listen to him all day. Such a raw soothing sound!!! Wish JOHN didn’t get blocked though! For sure my fav!

Ivey Buchanan Nice voice. He better not pick adam! Not after last season. Adam is definitely begging people to be on his team after watching yesterday's show.

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