Dog Is Being Dragged Behind His Owner’s Car for “Misbehaving” -

Dog Is Being Dragged Behind His Owner’s Car for “Misbehaving”

 As animal lovers, seeing creatures suffer as a result of people’s ignorance and cruelty, breaks our hearts. Consequently, many animals experience terrible living conditions, cruel treatment, leaving them completely heartbroken.

One of those poor animals is Barsik; a sweet, cuddly dog, who had the worst owner in the world. The cruel man and the unlucky pup lived together in Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine. 

An awful incident with his owner, made the poor pooch horrifically injured and traumatized. 

The hateful owner, called Volodymyr, said that Barsik tried to bite his mother therefore he deserved this horrible punishment. The cruel owner tied the helpless dog to the car and dragged him behind with no intent to stop till Barsik would be severely injured.

The story was reported after a good Samaritan followed the mysterious trail of blood on the road till he caught the man dragging the abused dog behind his car. The worst part of it all, is that Volodymyr is actually a local official; who is supposed to be the community’s role model is an abuser in reality.

Sergey/Daily Mail

Reportedly, many people noticed the blood, but only one person named Sergey couldn’t turn a blind eye and stopped Volodymyr’s appalling actions.


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