Did The Patriots Receive Extra Time On Play Clock Before Halftime

Did The Patriots Receive Extra Time On Play Clock Before Halftime?

Though the Patriots manhandled the Titans 35-14 during their divisional round matchup Saturday, it didn’t go over without controversy.

With time running out on the first half and the Patriots needing to get in field goal range, Tom Brady hit WR Danny Amendola over the middle for a large gain. The play clock hit two seconds as he caught the ball, but stopped at one second for what seemed like an eternity after going to the ground, giving New England enough time to call a timeout and set up for a field goal attempt.

Dolphins running back Kenyan Drake, amongst many others watching the game, took to Twitter to bring the suspicious frozen play clock to light.

Someone check the patriots payroll and look to see if “Play clock operator” is on there. That was blatant. Only right they missed the field goal. The ball never lies 

— Kenyan Drake™ (@KDx32) January 14, 2018

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