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Dian Rene sings “Hero” From Cuba The Four Season 2

Dian Rene brought his A-game tonight on The Four! YES for these Latin vibes.

Dian Rene – 28 – Banes Cuba – Hero by Enrique Iglesias – He studied classical music and Opera in Cuba. Oh. He came to this country–maybe not legally? He had to work a million jobs. But not music.Meghan is all teary…for some reason. Then Dian strips off his jacket. CORNY. He’s an OK singer. For an opera singer, his voice is kind of weak and a little shouty. Khaled loved the song he chose, but he saw some nerves. But he could see the determination. Meghan thought there was something sweet about him. 3 blue rings. Dian Challenges James

Khaled and Meghan both felt like they were at a concert. Khaled feels that he’s securing the bag. Diddy wants Salsa classes after tonight. “I think you represented your people in a big way,” he says. Well, that’s sorta condescending, is it not? Can you imagine Charlie Walk getting away with that comment? Anywhoo. The audience votes. But before the results–Khaled toddles off the stage for a bathroom break (???). James wins the challenge. Dian is Eliminated. Not surprised.


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