Diamond And Silk on Watters World March 24 2018

Watters’ World Fox News March 24. 2018 with Diamond And Silk

Diamond And Silk on Watters World 

On "Watters' World," Diamond And Silk slammed the late-night TV hosts who make fun of President Donald J. Trump's family and administration.

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Viewers reacted to Diamond And Silk on Watters World 

Johnny Angel DeSantiago Ah yes, these two talking head clowns. I noticed Fox brings them out when they need a minority to seem inclusive.

Paula Dittman Durst When you have Diamond And Silk on Watters World  as your political commentators, you confirm that you are only an opinion based media outlet, not a fact based one.

Maria Moon Sure enough it’s the congress who say oh we need change and the rest run to the closet wen it comes to the wall

Tim Lindstrom If Sean Hannity and Jesse Waters put on black face paint, did the segment, would FNC Cultist notice?

Think not. Nor would they see the problem with them doing it either.

Brett Thomas People can talk about whatever they wish. The WH is causing this. You two…..not even a good try. Why are you on TV?

Raymond Gunn Heckle and jeckyl just can't stay off fox news, can they? Can't these 2 magpies become hunting trophies for Uday and Qusay trump at some point?

Law of Attraction the most beautiful people you'll ever meet aren't always the ones who catch your eyes first. No, the most beautiful are the ones that can never be figured out. The one you could talk with for many hours and still have a million things to ask. The people who have mind so lovely and special, you can help but fall in love with them.

Len Friest President Trump took the scenic route after spending Saturday at his golf club … 
Scores of people had lined the motorcade’s usual path, which has been well-traveled by the president as he shuttles between his Mar-a-Lago estate and the Trump International Golf Club …
But returning to Mar-a-Lago from the club on Saturday afternoon, Trump’s motorcade took a longer route …..gutless Presidunce, love Diamond And Silk on Watters World 

–> Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement on March 24th, 2018​

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