Diamond and Silk Interview on Fox & Friends Today 3-15-2018

Diamond and Silk Interview on Fox & Friends Today 3-15-2018

"The hypocrisy on the left is so real – see, they want to take away your guns but they want to be surrounded by guns. They don't want us to build a wall but they're surrounded by walls. The hypocrisy is real." 


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-->  President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, March 15th

Viewers reacted to 

Timothy E. Durkee "Surrounded by walls." You mean buildings? I don't think she knows what hypocrisy means exactly.

Jayne Pearman They want to protect illegal gang members and take way out eight to defend ourselves

Jim Vegas The children have no idea and they are being used by adults who are promoting an agenda. Sick

Randy Henson I Love Diamond and Silk , keep it up Ladies . Get You're message out , the country needs it !!

Jeff Jones what a joike this trump state tv is….does anyone still watch this fake news propaganda

Michael Mitchell Seriously Fox News Y’all Put These 2 Puppets On Like Every Other Day Lol As If Their Relevant

Eddie Brito Didn’t these 2 muppets said they were going after any celebrities if they talk about trump. Well we are still waiting

Kurt Rachar No one wants to take away your guns. only congress can or the president if he declares marshall law. 45 is the one who said take the guns, then due process.

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