Diamond And Silk on Watters World with Jesse B Watters tonight March 10

Watters’ World 3-10-18 – Fox News Today

Diamond And Silk on Watters World with Jesse B Watters tonight 

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Viewers reacted:

Cassie Niederiaufner You ladies make me smile, "Trump only sees one color, Green, and he wants you to have some of it" Best line ever

Christopher Clark Did y'all see the truth about the founding of the NRA? It was on Fox News EYE OPENER!

Eli Samuels Facebook's conservative war is taking it's toll. You ladies would have responses in the thousands by now. Most of us have few venues to hear the truth. More elitist attacks on low-income "Deplorables." They're punishing us for being "Uppity."

Trudy Zarzyczny Looking forward to it !! Hope you got a bigger bowl for the bowl of stupid !! Your bowl is getting filled up too fast !! 

Jencie Knaub Jesse Ohio had a gun rally today because kasick turned to a Democrat! We need your help to help us to stand for Ohio 2nd Amendment! Tired of the threat of changing our 2nd Amendment! Everyone needs to know what he's doing to Ohio in case he tries to run for President again! He turned his back on us!

Lynda Heller Wagner You ladies are awesome!! Enjoy watching you on Fox! Just saw you with Jessie!! Keep it up!!

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