Diamond and Silk Fox and Friends Today Mar 8 2018

Diamond and Silk Fox and Friends Today
"The Democrats – we asked where were they at? They're somewhere over there with Louis Farrakhan spewing hate."

This morning on "Fox & Friends," Diamond And Silk slammed the Democrats for not making a deal on DACA.

"The Democrats – we asked where were they at? They're somewhere over there with Louis Farrakhan spewing hate."


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Viewers reacted to Diamond and Silk Fox and Friends Today

Charlie Hatfield Good job ladies!! You said exactly what Fox News put in the script. I hope these 2 get an Emmy nomination for their roles as political pundits.

Elizabeth Day It doesn't matter whether Stormy Daniels wins this case or not. The point is that everyone now knows Trump had sex (Adultery ) with a Porn Star while he was married. Great morals, not! He doesn't even deny it. And there are photos of him with her. The court documents reveal all kinds of info about the affair and cover up.

Brian Gee Do FoxNews viewers ever wonder why everyone who they think is supposed to be in jail; isn't?

Les Huff The democrats had 6 months. Instead of coming up with a plan. Then make adjustments so all get some of what they want. They want to say it's the Presidents fault he did not sign another executive order. Democrats using illegals for a vote since everyone else is seen they make promises they never keep.

Regina Weldon Love these Ladies.They speak the truth and Thank God for them.Praying they are able to make women everywhere in the USA see that Classy is the way to be. Never a need to stoop to wussy hats and killing innocent babies, and trying to make men into sissies. I want my man to be a man , and I will be the woman he wants not an overbearing bully!

Kenneth Hoover These ladies are golden!!! They are getting the message out to everyone that the Democratic plantation is fake news and not for there well being. Good job ladies!

Ed William My opinion…Stars? Give me a break. Diamond and Silk? Geez, I never heard any of their records. We'll be watching the one who does all the talking going solo soon. Because they are on Social Media, they are not stars. Have you gauged the intelligence level of the majority of folks on Social Media? Stars. Geez.

Wayne Meacham They do not represent the African American community. They are a joke. Buffoonery at its best. In 20 yrs they can show their grandkids what big buffoons they were.

Donna Andersson UHHHHHHHHHHH Trump has no job , nothing to do and is complaining … poor Donny Dotard is jobless .. The void trumpet sure is classy , sexing around with other females while his wife is pregnant , oh well the consevative melania , did screw around with him while he was pregnant , guess conservatives truly dont need hats … they have no shame ..

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