Desmond The Giraffe At Animal Adventure Park Update, Live

Desmond The Giraffe At Animal Adventure Park

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The boys are ready! Our giraffe deck teams have been working with Desmond, to help him settle in and become acclimated to the exhibit yard and feeding deck! Tajiri has helped with “showing him the ropes”. We welcomed Desmond The Giraffe

Desmond The Giraffe photos:

Desmond The Giraffe
Desmond The Giraffe

Desmond is adjusting well and loves his new ‘brother from another mother’ Tajiri. Come meet this little cutie in person.

desmond the giraffe
Desmond the giraffe at Animal Adventure Park

Today, they had success, with both enjoying some acacia browse! Acacia, their preferred browse in the wild, is new this year and available for purchase on the decks!

We will see you soon!

Desmond and Tajiri at Animal Adventure Park

We create a place to remember April the Giraffe

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 Desmond and Tajiri the Giraffe live cam

Fan react to Desmond The Giraffe

Jessica Zablocky
Is it wrong that I want to take my daughter out of school a day just to visit, because were so excited and just can’t wait?! We adore Animal Adventure.

Laurie Burch
Awww the boys are beautiful. I am glad Desmond settled in and he is doing well. Taj is showing him the ropes like a big brother would. Thank you for sharing Jordan and AAP. Love it.

Rhonda Michelle
it was awesome to watch Desi learn the ropes from Taj and I am like practice makes perfect young man. he will get it Jo had to learn from Taj too. I enjoy watching those two out in the yard they are so fun. I am waiting for Desi to figure out how to move the cam like Taj and April it will be interesting we have had kisses from both boys the last 2 days. love it

Desmond the Giraffe at Animal Adventure Park
Desmond the Giraffe at Animal Adventure Park

Chrystal Miller
So awesome. Love watching sweet Desmond walk up to deck and stretch his neck up to reach for treats.  makes my heart so happy to see these 2 boys get along so nicely. Well done Jordan and AAP for all your doing to make Desmond feel so at home.

Pam Distefano Musser
It has been so fun and educational to watch the herd behavior between Taj and Desmond. Taj is being such a good brother. MaMa April taught him well. He will have the begging face down in no time! Love the bond these boys have already. Desmond is a great addition to AAP.

Annmarie Balisciano Dreher
I love how Taj looks after Desmond and taught him well at the carrot deck. Also saw them sharing Acacia yesterday! They’re so sweet together! I have enjoyed watching him on the Live Cam. He is adorable. He and Tajiri seem to be really enjoying each other’s company.

Stephie Rose
Animal Adventure Park how do I schedule a giraffe encounter? I did not see it in the gift shop. Tajiri and Des are adorable. So glad that Desmond was so agreeable to training and love Desmond The Giraffe

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