Denton Arnell Pops the Question After His Blind Audition – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Denton Arnell The Voice

He grew up in music playing piano and singing all his life.  He works at the church, teaching young adults.  His girlfriend teaches dance at the church.  She says he’s worked so hard, and he’s so deserving.  He shows the ring to the camera and says she has no idea.  (Is he going to propose after his audition?)  

Smooth soul voice, John turns almost immediately.  A little different take on this song, (sorry but no one can ever do this song like the late, great Christina Grimmie).  He seems a little nervous, the phrasing is strange and a long overdone run at the end.  One chair turn.  Adam tells him he has a great voice.  

John says welcome to Team Legend!  He has a wonderful tone, he likes that he was creative with the melody.  Denton asks if it’s okay to share the moment with his girlfriend.  She comes running out on stage.  Denton says being that John gave him a yes, he wants to see if his girlfriend Tiffany will give him a yes.  He proposes right there on the stage, and Tiffany says yes.  Everyone is on their feet!  Sweet moment.  John says Denton has good control, tone, and is creative.

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