Deida Jeudy Sings”River” by Leon Bridges on American Idol 2024

American Idol season 22 continues to captivate audiences with its latest episode airing tonight after a brief hiatus for the Oscars. As Audition week 4 takes center stage, viewers eagerly anticipate the next wave of talented contestants vying for their shot at stardom.

Watch Deida Jeudy American Idol performance tonight.

Deida is a big sister to 5 siblings. Three of them are visually impaired, and she helps there. The condition is called leepers. Her voice was a big part of their life. Her mom listens outside as she sings. Her voice is deep and mature. She could use a little refinement, but she sings like a young woman who has lived life with more responsibility than kids her age.
“To hold that cry,” said Lionel, “Girl please.” Luke loved her soft notes. Katy advises that she play with them ,ore. “You voice is so timeless,” she said. She could hear the pain and heaviness. Lionel called her a “natural.” 3 yeses.
Viewers react to Deida Jeudy American Idol performance.
Jennifer Hansen Beautiful young lady & her story had me in tears  too!! Y’all gotta stop doing this to me each week!! Saaaaanng Deida Jeudy, saaaaaang!!!! What talent at only 16! I bet your brothers are so proud of you and your amazing voice!
Kimberly Deanne McClure
The song choice was Perfect. You have to know the song and fully understand it. From the very first note I had chills and I knew she was about to nail it. Great Job especially for 16 years old. She is an amazing singer. My daughter has Leber’s and I am glad that it is brought to the attention of the public. May she go far.
Jillian Balcazar
When This contestant sing ”River” By Leon Bridges During Her first audition of American Idol Tonight Wow I thought She did such A great & Amazing Job, She sang That song with So much soul In Her voice, She’s star!!!

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