America's Got Talent Champions Deadly Games Performance

America’s Got Talent Champions Deadly Games Performance

The duo were Heidi’s Golden Buzzer. “We are going to shock the judges even more for the finale.” Their answer to everything is MAKE IT MORE DANGEROUS! Flashes across the screen “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME” People are basically dumb. OOPS. He missed a balloon with his knife. NOT GOOD. Oh dang. Another mistake. A knife bounces off the target. They’re done. One bit involves the ole apple on top of the head. Good thing he does not miss this time. Now, there’s the spinning target. He manages not to kill her as he puts out a balloon. He asks the judges to join him on stage with balloons. And NOW for a commercial break. After, he lines the judges up with their balloons…and just as he is about to shoot, he adds Terry. They all wear protective eyewear, which is good? It’s a perfect shot. Deadly Games redeem themselves from a very weak start. Heidi says, “That was so scary….I kind of loved it.” Mel was worried because they made mistakes. “But I actually think that worked in your favor. The stakes were higher.” Howie is glad to be alive. Simon says, “In the danger act category, I think this is the best in the world.”

America’s Got Talent 2016 – Finalist – His sister, an aerialist, fell 30 feet on her head. Now she’s in a wheelchair. Back when they competed, an act went wrong and Anna was hurt. Yes, it’s dangerous. But it’s their life! OK–this act will be the Golden Buzzer. These guys are always entertaining, so I’m not complaining. “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME” scrolls on the screen. Duh. Great use of pops! Skilled knife throwing. Definitely edge of your seat stuff.  He borrows Heidi’s phone, which he uses as a mirror to shoot backwards with a bow. Alfredo becomes very emotional. Howie calls it “50 shades of danger.” Simon says his heart “almost can’t stand it.” Heidi almost had a panic attack before she HITS HER GOLDEN BUZZER. Aw. His sister is in the audience. 

The NBC series will feature the judges panel from America’s Got Talent— executive producer Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel – as well as new host Terry Crews, star of NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

At the end of the night, two of the acts will move on to the Finals. Ten acts will perform in each of the first five episodes. One act from each episode will move on via a “Golden Buzzer” and the other will be chosen by a panel of “superfans,” representing viewers from all 50 states.

America's Got Talent 2016 Semi-Finals Deadly Games

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