David Owens I Can’t Make you Love me | The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

David Owens Performs Soulful “I Can’t Make You Love Me” – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

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David Owens I Can’t Make you Love me

This audition is an opportunity to change his life.  He got married, got a new job, had a new baby boy.  He’s from a family of 7 in Indianapolis (HOOOSIERS represent!).  He started singing in church, then moving to choir and having a band.  Since he grew up without a lot of money, he was reluctant to pursue singing as a full-time career.  

His son came two months early, he pulled through.  He’s been playing it safe for the last five years, but he wants to show his son how to go after his dreams.

David is wearing a leather jacket.  He has a smooth, R&B voice, nice runs.  He does something different towards the chorus, hits a big note and Kelly turns.  He’s really belting but not losing the tenderness needed.  Kelly’s on her feet.  Another big note.  So far no one else is turning.  If the teams weren’t so full this would get more chairs.  

John says he was too nitpicky, but he’s an excellent singer.  Kelly says the fact that he’s a man and did that song so differently will make him stand out.  Team Kelly!  Kelly says he has a roundness and a ton that can’t be taught.

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