Dave Fenley The Voice 2018 Blind Audtion: Help Me Hold On

Dave Fenley Slays Cover of Travis Tritt’s “Help Me Hold On” – The Voice 2018

Dave Fenley The Voice

When you hear this country singer, you'll understand why the Coaches lose it. Dave Fenley sings Travis Tritt's "Help Me Hold On" during the Blind Auditions.

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Viewers react to Dave Fenley The Voice

Aaron Rodriguez Pleasure to know you bud and further be graced with your vocals all the years in the industry here in SA. Didn't know your in Nashville now but if the shoe fits! Great to see you up on the big stage again

Dani Linyard Steve Linyard yelled for me across the house when he saw this on his newsfeed, congrats man!! This is so awesome. Your CD’s never leave our CD player in the car. You will always have our vote

Michael Burns Is it just me or is Kelly just super annoying after she won last year. The guy should pick Blake because they are both old-school country. love Dave Fenley The Voice

Cassandra Buckingham My favorite part of all these shows is the look you see on the parents' faces when they're so incredibly proud of their kids. Brings me to tears. So sweet.

Lacy Love Brooks I get kelly and Blake are country but why not have variety on your team? It’s like you already know Blake and kelly will be the only ones to turn around for country, Jennifer turns around for r&b, adam turns for pop. Idk why it just bugs me lol. Like give your team some variety.

Kelly McNeill Dave Fenley. I knew who it was right from the beginning. I have met him personally in New Braunfels TX and I already have 2 Cds. Dave rocks and deserves to go to the top. Je has worked hard and it is his time to shine

Jodi Seals If he hadn't of beatboxed, I'd of been totally Blake BUT that shows he has more up his sleeve than country music sooo, I'd go Kelly on this one! The door is wide open for TRUE classic country singers right now though, just not sure he is one…

Nikki Saurini WOOOHOOOOO!!!!! BEAT BOXING DAVE!!!! YES!!! I have goosebumps! I'm so excited!! Dave is an amazing singer/ songwriter who we have had the pleasure of hanging with and listening to for the past 2 years at Songwriters Fest in Key West! He is an amazing guy and friend! Congrats to you and your family Dave!!!! I'm gonna cry! lol

Kali Morgan I dont really listen to new country but I'd buy this guys album. He has so much depth in his voice and hes an amazing singer. Man. Chills. 

I really dont understand why Jennifer never turns for anyone unless they sing r and b. I understand that's her type of music, but she needs variety on her team. I like her as a coach but I wish she'd choose other genres as well.love his shirt and Dave Fenley The Voice performance tonight

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