Dave Fenley The Voice Top 10 Performs When You Say Nothing At All

Dave Fenley Sings When You Say Nothing At All by Alison Krauss – The Voice Top 10

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Dave Fenley The Voice Top 10

Dave Fenley  from Team Blake Shelton posted on his facebook page:

I had so much fun last night… and that's what it's all about. Spread love like peanut butter!

Dave Fenley The Voice Top 10

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I can promise you that!! Make sure to tune in to The Voice on NBC at 8/7c! You can stream tonight's song on Apple Music at HERE. Streams only count toward votes when the show starts, so if you listen early make sure you listen on repeat again later

Dave Fenley Sings When You Say Nothing At All by Alison Krauss for hist The Voice Top 10

Dave is taking on a “personal” song tonight, says Carson. At the bowling alley, Blake gifts his team with brand new acoustic guitars. Blake thought the beatboxing “through people for a loop last week.” Now, it’s time to get back to country. Yeah. Last week was a flop. Blake advises Dave to work on his breath control. Dave looks like he’s about to fart when he sings. He makes singing look hard–he sounds like he’s strangling on that last note. Having said that, singing a popular country love song was the right choice for this week.  Jennifer says she doesn’t know country, but she knows a voice when she hears one. “I look forward to hearing you sing every week.” She’s being nice. Kelly loves his “ache” and she’s happy he went for the big note at the end. Blake says he never does the same thing twice. “Everything he’s singing comes straight from the heart. That’s why you’re still here.” Blake constantly talks about Dave like he’s about to be eliminated. Hm. 

Dave Fenley Sings Use Me by Bill Withers for his The Voice Top 11 live performance in front of audiences and the Judges

Use Me by Bill Withers – Lee Brice, whose song Dave covered last week, sent a shout out video to the singer. Dave says the song choice is different than anything he’s done on the show, but it allows him to show his soulful side.  The country singer had showed off his beatboxing during his Blind Audition. So he’ll be featuring that during his performance tonight. Well, as far as the beatboxing goes–he’s no Blake Lewis. Heh. The song is a little out of his lower range. Dave does have a soulful side, but I’m not sure this song is going to change his status as back bencher. He riffs a bit with the drummer at one point. He’s beatboxing, but it’s barely audible, and his vocal riffing has frog-like qualities. He’s literally out of breath by the time he’s finished. Hm. Adam is speechless. lol. “That was wild. It makes me happy to see you doing whatever you want.” He commends him for taking chances. Blake says, “You just had that dude…congratulations.” 

Dave Fenley – Team Blake Shelton – Use Me : ITunes Download

Dave is feeling humbled because Blake had to save him. He’s dedicating his performance to his wife. He says the song is like a page out of his life. Dave jokes that he picked a new song this week to give the kids something they know. He plays on an acoustic guitar that is well-worn. That’s Dave–he’s a road warrior who performs like he’s seen it all. His vibe is world weary, nakedly emotional. Smart to pick a popular song this week. Adam calls Dave one of his favorites. He loves what he does. Blake calls that an important performance, establishing him as a “rock solid” vocalist. He insists that Dave is NOT hard to love!

Dave Fenley Sings "Hard to Love" – The Voice 2018 Live Top 13 Performances

Dave Fenley Sings Hard to Love by Lee Brice: Itunes Download

Angel Flying to Close to the Ground – Dave performs a plaintive, stripped back ballad that shows off his lower tone. These performances FEEL SO RUSHED. Dave shines when he wears his heart on his sleeve. He picks up the microphone for more of a punch.He’s a little pitchy tonight, but a solid performance.

When you hear this country singer, you'll understand why the Coaches lose it. Dave Fenley sings Travis Tritt's "Help Me Hold On" during the Blind Auditions.

Dave Fenley – Spice Girls' "Say You'll Be There" Cover – America's Got Talent Semi-Finals 

Dave Fenley – Acoustic Version of Alex Clare's "Too Close" 

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Viewers react to Dave Fenley The Voice Top 10

Kelley Nash Great Job Dave!!!! Hoping he goes all the way! GREAAT SINGER

Jerry W Watts Not impressed at all. Michael Lee was SOOooooo much better. Blake made, in my opinion, one of the top worst choices in The Voice history.

Tyler Frome He is at best mediocre. the beat box thing was embarrassing, but there is a huge contingent of country folks out there voting for country influenced contestants as well as young teenage girls voting for their own. sad..

June Crespo I agree…..I was sleeping and I woke up to his song and it really moved me that I even looked up the video on youtube. Dave is amazing!!

Patsy Clayton Gooch Horton Idon't know where he will win or not, but he put all he had into his performance last night, he is for sure giving it his all, I wish all of them the best, I don't have a winner picked out yet, and I usually do by this time?????

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