Dave Fenley Stuck On You | Dave Fenley Knockouts The Voice Season 15

Team Blake Knockout: Dave Fenley vs. Kameron Marlowe – The Voice 2018

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Dave Fenley Stuck On You

Coach Blake Shelton has a difficult decision ahead when Dave Fenley croons Lionel Richie's "Stuck on You" in his Knockout with Kameron Marlowe, rocking Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff," on The Voice

Dave Fenley vs Kameron Marlow – Team Blake – The two are Blake’s “country guys” who sing with a lot of grit. He wants to move forward with only one of them.  Blake jokes they had 200 dollars left in the budget to pay Mariah for a day and a half. I say now we know where the budget for the iTunes recording went. Amiright?
Dave Fenley – Stuck on You by Lionel Richie – Dave has listened to every single she’s put out. Really. He said that. He was raised on country, but his mom and dad loved the song. He misses his wife back in Tennessee, so the song correlates. Blake thinks the song could have been a country hit if released today. Mariah felt his heart. Blake also appreciates his connection. Not much criticism for Dave. It’s a great song pick for Dave. He really knows how to imbue a song with feeling. Connection is his strength, for sure. But also, he’s a great interpreter of songs. Beautiful phrasing. 

Kameron Marlowe – I Shot the Sheriff by Bob Marley – Kameron feels the song can show a different side to his voice. Blake calls it a “lake song.” He plays it when he’s out on his pontoon boat with Gwen. Kameron wants to prove to Blake that he’s more than a country singer. He quit school to help his mom after she had a back injury. Blake thinks the song is a risk. “You look uncomfortable,” says Blake. But Mariah feels his vocal performance was strong.  She feels when artists cover songs, they should steer too far away from the original. Hmmm…. David Cook re-arranged “Always Be My Baby” almost into a completely different song when she mentored on Idol, and she did not seem to mind. Kameron accompanies himself on electric guitar. This owes more to Eric Clapton’s cover, actually. Kameron is super soulful here, and is totally sitting in the pocket. It’s a cool, growly interpretation. Reggae songs are deceptively hard to sing. 

Jennifer would choose Dave, but she loved Kameron’s energy. Kelly thinks they both have beautiful tones. Adam mentions that he didn’t turn for either. Kameron was every bit Dave’s equal, Adam says. He’d pick Kameron. Blake calls Kameron the 21 year old version of Dave. Blake wouldn’t have thought of “Stuck On You” for Dave, but now that he’s performed it, he thinks it’s perfect. “Neither one of you screwed the pooch,” says Blake. But unsurprisingly, Blake Chooses Dave because his vocal performance was so “dead on.” And Adam Steals Kameron. Saying he would choose him gave it away. Adam appreciates his range and versatility. 

When you hear this country singer, you'll understand why the Coaches lose it. Dave Fenley sings Travis Tritt's "Help Me Hold On" during the Blind Auditions.

Dave Fenley – Spice Girls' "Say You'll Be There" Cover – America's Got Talent Semi-Finals 

Dave Fenley – Acoustic Version of Alex Clare's "Too Close" 

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Viewer reactions:

Cindy Sessom-Rottman The Voice sooo needs to have an extended show that follows up on these singers so all can see how they did or did not progress afterward. We hear such talent but only for a small space in time.

Heather Holden Maxwell So much talent. But so much of the show seems set up. And. Kelly. I love but she has a loose safety pin. On the show. Oh and. Tell her to take. Magnisium at nite for those leg cramps and get her circulation checked. Just my opiniin3

Sarah Watson Davvvvvvve!!! Dfen Sllpb I never get tired of telling you how proud of you I am. You’ve come so far from playing bars with 20 people in the audience. I love ya, buddy!

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