Darci Lynne Simon Cowell: She Makes Fun With Simom Cowell The Puppet

 Darci Lynne and Simon Cowel … the Puppet Goes Viral

 Darci Lynne is so gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, incredible and amazing! Today she show a such cute, sweet and adorable photos of the gorgeous, beautiful, and incredible Darci Lynne and the amazing and incredible Simon Cowel, especicially Simon Cowel … the puppet

 Booooo….Simon, all that chest hair sthick is so old hat it makes him even more rediculous than he normally is.

simom cowell the puppeta Simom Cowell the puppet

So, is this character Simon Cowell or "Holy Cow?" Keep up the wonderful entertaining job you are doing! The better you make the audience feel the better you'll feel!

Darci Lynne and Simon Cowell

Watch out where Lunne`s thumb sticks out from

Love the dress. The puppet looks eerily similar

Darci Lynne and Simon Cowell the puppet

Darci Lynne, The 13-Year-Old Ventriloquist, Returns With "Show Off" – America's Got Talent 2018

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Viewers reacted to 

Delwyn Hills Great that you continue posting updates Darci. Even kiwis downunder are still very interested in your ongoing career after your debut on AGT. And you are still the 'feet on the ground, natural' which we all love

Bonnie Goltzer Uditsky Great puppet! You are very very talented as you know. Hoping you come to Philadelphia at some point! So proud to see a wonderful young lady do well

Cheryl Cronover-Perrigo I hope she brings it to the Cherry Festival in Traverse City,MI. Can't wait to see you Darci.

John Stafford He was nice to you because your act was so great. He can be a real meanie. Work that into your act!

Dave Maida Jr. Darci Lynne Glad to see you doing well. I think your Simon puppet might have a smaller mouth

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