Darci Lynne America's Got Talent 2018 Performance Jayden Bartels

One Call Away Cover w/ Jayden Bartels – Darci Lynne

Find out what Oscar has to say to all the ladies out there

Oscar was soooooo nervous to sing "One Call Away" with the amazing Jayden Bartels

So happy I was able to come back and perform on the America's Got Talent stage!! I missed everyone so much and it was great to be back

Darci Lynne, The 13-Year-Old Ventriloquist, Returns With "Show Off"

AGT's Talent University: Darci Lynne Teaches Ventriloquism

WINNER DARCI LYNNE: America's Got Talent 2017

Darci Lynne and Simom

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Fan reactions:

Dee Dee Dorol I'm a huge fan of yours and it was fantastic watching you perform again (I live in South Africa and so wse're a few weeks behind in screenings, so it was only on last night.) Petunia was awesome, she really, really rocked Show Off. I adore her – she's my favourite personality. I've been singing it all morning – have never heard the song before and it was just fantastic. The encore especially cracked me up. You are so talented and lovely, Darci, and seem to be as sweet and gentle and humble as you were all through your season. Your family must be so proud of you, my dear. Love from South Africa! And Petunia??? You were BORN to show off! Never stop!

Taco De Jong Darci your comeback at AGT where brilliant, petunia and you where so good. Your are not alone a good ventriloquist But you singing very good too. I loved you performence. Thank you Darci and Petunia

Scott Robert Mackenzie Young aww it was amazing seeing you back on America's Got Talent loved your behind the scenes Vlog so cute and so grown up Darci

Jerry Cupple Good height on your jump, Darci!! You will be jumping into Fall on stage Saturday. Have a great show!! Thanks fo the picture and thanks for sharing your experiences along with your talents. Blessings. FJC

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