Darci Lynne 2018 | Darci Lynne and Friends Tour Dates

Darci Lynne and Friends Tour Dates 2018

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Darci Lynne Bio Ventriloquist, Darci Lynne is the youngest contestant to ever win “America’s Got Talent.” Following AGT she sold out her headlining show in six minutes, having to add more shows. She is a young ventriloquist who is inspiring the next generation to keep it alive


Fans have been asking me to go to their city, so I’ve decided to hit the road with Petunia and the gang on my very first national theater tour! Bring family and friends for a night of entertainment you won’t want to miss!

I had SO much fun at summer camp last week!! Thanks to all my friends and camp counselors who made it such a great time!! 💗 Tickets are available now for “Darci Lynne and Friends LIVE

I had so much fun visiting Cali again! Can't wait to come back and hang out! 💗 Tickets are available now for “Darci Lynne and Friends LIVE!

DARCI LYNNE RETURNS TO AGT with Petunia QUARTERFINALS 1 America's Got Talent 2018 

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Behind the Scenes at the TELEVISION ACADEMY!! | Darci Lynne

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James S. LeCaine So um, fun fact, mice don't actually like cheese, that's only in the cartoons. The artists chose that because it was bright, colorful and would show up best around the surroundings and characters 

Lee E Gromen Have a great time in Portland, Darci Lynne and Oscar! Portland is in for an awesome show 

Penny Murray Newberry I love what s beautiful woman you are becoming , your mom is s awesome roll model . I love everything about you dnd your family

Lucy Hamilton can't wait to see you darci! let me know if you need some good lobster recommendations

Dennis Smith Darci you are an amazing talent that deserves all the great things that have been coming your way.

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