Steve TV Show: Darci Lynn Farmer’s Talent Keeps Growing

Darci Lynn Farmer Steve TV Show

Had such a fun time catching up with Steve Harvey and performing with Petunia for everyone at the Steve TV Show

Last year, Darci Lynne proved to the world that she's got talent. And if today was any indication, so does her puppet.

Darci Farmer appears on NBC's "Little Big Shots"

ALL Performances Darci Lynne – The WINNER America's Got Talent 2017

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Fan reactions:

Amanda Nichols Anyone else notice the look that the lady at the beginning gave after she said she donated to church and bought a dishwasher.

Mimie Dee She donated to church.. good girl.. you invest it with God. God bless you with more amazing years . You are such a blessed girl!! I am proud of you

Ezekiel Ikeleng Wow look she grew up so fast, I like her so much,she's gonna be a great ventriloquist..much love Darci..

M Dontae Jones Just seen today you gave someone $5,000. My family and I only needs 1,000 for rent. Been going through alot. From being evicted and God blessing just when we thought we would be homless. But my wife still cant find work. The job lined up is taking too long to start. And rent is almost due. Just taking a leap of faith and asking you and you team. Thanks. Be Blessed.

Patti Edwards Mira 14 and made to look 20. Let her be a tween please. Don’t mess her up like so many young new celebrities.

Laura Marie Harris Such a beautiful talent and your growing up so fast. Thank you for giving something to laugh about.



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