Daniel Emmet Passera LYRICS America's Got Talent 2018

Daniel Emmet “Passera” LYRICS VIDEO (Cover Song)

Daniel Emmet Passera  Lyrics 

Classical crossover singer Daniel Emmet thought that he was sure to sail through his audition for “America’s Got Talent.” But as we saw on the June 19 episode of “AGT,” head judge Simon Cowell had something else in mind for this 25-year-old singer, who intended to perform an original song that was a mashup of opera and pop. He had barely begun this tune, which came across as bland and boring, when the curmudgeonly Cowell cut him off and demanded that he sing a different song. 

When Emmet admitted he had not come prepared with an alternate, Cowell was cross. He dispatched him from the stage and gave him just one hour to learn another song, the Il Divo hit “Passera.” The visibly nervous neophyte returned in the appointed 60 minutes and proceeded to wow the audience, the panel and even himself with his rendition of this Italian aria.

Simon Cowell gave Daniel Emmet another shot and he's not wasting it. 

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Viewers reactions:

Diana Reese We thought Simon should have used his golden buzzer since he asked this guy to learn a song he’d never heard in one hour. Not only did he learn it, he knocked it out of the park big time!

Glo Marie I find it hard to believe he learned the song given in an hour??!! I think, this was staged and he knew beforehand. Just my opinion, but he did great on the song.

Kristine Van Handel My new favorite. I would have LOVED to see him get a golden buzzer but keep in mind that these audition episodes are edited together from several different cities and it's possible that all the judges had already used theirs.

Janet Dickens His voice and talent is undeniable, but I actually liked the first song he was singing before Simon stopped him. He had written that one, and I thought it was better musically. The performer sang both songs beautifully and showed great courage and skill in learning a song in an hour and knocking it out of the park.

Louise Napoli I wished for Simon to give this kid the goldeb buzzer. He showed that he could shine under pressure, he was amazing!

Stella Croxon

Sorry for being skeptical, but we all know that AGT is a reality show that is largely scripted and is not always as real as they would have us believe, just like many reality shows. That's why I have my doubts that Daniel Emmet (while he is a beautiful singer) really mastered the song Passera in one hour. He announced himself as "a classical crossover singer". He knew he was going to be auditioning for Simon Cowell, who created Il Divo – one of the most famous classical crossover groups in the world, and yet when Simon asked him to perform the song Passera,

"I don't think you'll know it…." Daniel Emmet said he'd never heard it before and then proceeded to learn the words and melody and perform it beautifully within one hour. It rather stretches belief that a professional singer would not come prepared with a back up song, and also that he hadn't watched Il Divo perform many times over to prepare for his audition with Simon Cowell.

I looked on YouTube and found multiple performances by Il Divo of this song. I'm sure it was a song he knew well and had practiced and prepared it, and maybe this was really his back-up song, or the song he was really going to sing all along! It was a lovely performance, but why do we have to have the fake big moments, why can't the talent be enough? The judges sat there for the first song and looked sufficiently bored to prepare for Simon to stop the song in the middle and then come up with the big surprise of this mystery song!

Sue Garrett This is the guy from Rochester, NY and only 25 yrs. old !!!! Wonder if he is a Rochester native or an import ? Amazing ! Kind of strange that Simon stopped him in the middle of original song and gave him another song to learn and sing…almost seemed "fixed"…but this guy knows his music and Simon probably figured he was up to the challenge !!! Amazing talent…wondered if he goes to Eastman ?

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