Daniel Emmet Performs Don’t Want to Miss a Thing A – AGT 2018 Quarterfinals

Daniel Emmet Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

Daniel talks about how his entire journey has been a FIGHT. And that’s why the show keeps advancing you. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE NARRATIVE. And you’re second in the lineup. They’re done with you Daniel. This time he’s performing a pop song–Pink’s “Perfect” in Italian. He makes sure to his a big long note. Not really into Pink sung opera style. Pop opera just isn’t my jam.  Mel is glad he brought back to his opera style. She wasn’t sure whether it was Italian or Spanish. Sheesh. Heidi compliments him for being a fighter. “You’ve been one of my favorites.” Simon says, “You needed that performance for yourself.” Simon basically says you needed to end this thing on a high note. He disses his jacket. “You have fought, and deserve to be here,” says Howie, but then adds that it’s a shame he had to follow Brian. Tara suggests he plead his case to America via song.Which he does “You brought me back thrreeee tiiiiiimes…” And this is where it ends. 

Daniel was eliminated at the judges cut, but brought back as a wild card. OH GOOD GOD. He sings the “asteroid song” (Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith) opera style IN ITALIAN. Just the thing I always wanted! NOT. Ugh. I really hate pop opera. He hits a couple of high notes and a massive key change. Probably smart to sing a tune folks are familiar with. “You really are one of the best strongest singers we have,” says Heidi. Daniel is so grateful to be back, he’s crying.  Simon takes credit for bringing back him back as a WC. Of course. “That is what I call a moment,” he says. “It was so wonderful and different,” says Howie. Mel calls the key change, “everything.” 

 Opera Singer – He’s the dude who sang an original song for his audition. Simon stopped him and had him rehearse an Il Dive tune. He promises Simon he’s been careful about song choice. He picks a “classic” this time.  He’s a solid pop opera singer. The judges minus Simon give him a standing ovation. Mel calls his singing “out of this world.” Heidi thinks he’s good looking, as well as a talented singer. Simon says, “I think you’ve worked this out.” 

The Rochester, NY native looks to impress the judges with his opera skills. All seems well, until Simon Cowell challenges the singer to learn and perform a song he's never heard in 1 hour. Watch what happens!


Highlights from the sold out Daniel Emmet & Philip Fortenberry "In Concert" performance, live in Las Vegas at The Smith Center's Cabaret Jazz Club. Special guest Cellist Lindsey Springer, Bass Player Steve Flora and Drummer Mark Pardy. Directed by Keith Thompson .

RESULTS QUATERFINALS Week 3 DUNKIN SAVE Daniel Emmet Future Kingz Aaron Crow  . Who advance to the semifinals? Who are eliminated? 

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Jingle Bells – Gary Baker and Daniel Emmet




L'Amore Sei Tu (I Will Always Love You)

Spectre Title Song (2015 Original)Ultimate James Bond fan here! Check out my go at an original theme song for the new movie, "Spectre!" Written by: Daniel Emmet.  Sung by: Daniel Emmet

Live in Las Vegas Daniel Emmet in Concert at The Space


Viewer reactions:

Ginger Mittelstaedt I love this guy even though I don’t understand what he is singing!! It is beautiful!

Kayla Marie First of all this guy should of never gotten eliminated to begin with! I was so heart broken but now to see him be a wild card I’m sooo happy!! This guy is legit the only singer i love this season.. this season is by far the worst in my opinion.. and there’s only a few acts I like.. this man right here is a star!

Melly VandeVelde One of few singers I actually like. And I am not even a fan of opera… He nailed it.

Ginger Mittelstaedt I love this guy even though I don’t understand what he is singing!! It is beautiful!

John P. Faux Another example of the Simon fix……time to retire the show or come clean on what it is.

Tim Garrett I recognized the song right off and.quite honestly, I am disappointed you chose Not to sing it English. AND, not in a limited mental capacity kind of way. Amazing voice, classical training, good looks, you got it all! I just REALLY wish you had taken the song and made it your own. Like Simon's Golden Buzzer Michael Ketterer took the meat out of "To Love Somebody" and made the song his own. I Do TRULY think if you had sung it in English, you would now be a Top 3 Contender. BUT~That's Just Me!

Patti Post Let's be honest…you're in Vegas & you want to see someone that sings in another language? Nah…don't get me wrong he has a great voice. I just get turned off once a song is being sung in another language. There are very few songs I've heard sung in another language that really moved me. But if he's gonna sing all his songs in another language…no thanks..not for me.

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