Dan Marshall Sings ‘The Dance’ By Garth Brooks on American Idol 2022

Dan is a former college football player at Virginia Tech who’s now drawing attention via his music on TikTok.This is his first public performance, and he’s only played for people 4-5 times in his life. Let`s watch his performance tonight on American Idol 2022

Producers found Dan on Tik Tok, like so many others. He was a linebacker on the Virginia Tech football team for 4 years. And he looks it. He declares himself a country music singer. He only started 5 months ago playing in front of people, only 4 or 5 gigs . But he’s been singing since he was a kid. Now that football is over, he’s perusing music.

Watch Dan Marshall Sings ‘The Dance’ on American Idol 2022

His tone is classic and sturdy, a naturally good singer. Really effortless. Lionel calls him a storyteller. Katy is already thinking about marketing him. “Natural born talent,” she says. “The foundation is secure.” Luke thinks he should ditch the guitar, but likes his tone. He’s not “doing all the emotion properly.” He advises him to listen to advice – 3 yeses

Viewers react to 

JAMIE OLIVERHe has a really nice deep country voice. I could listen to him all day. I feel like tenessee whiskey would be a great song for him. That storytelling country vibe is all there! He really does need to focus on the emotions more but he has it! Between him, Noah and Dakota who fill pretty much the same slot…he’s definitely my favourite…

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