Dalton Dover Impresses the Coaches with “Don’t Close Your Eyes” – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Dalton Dover performs "Don't Close Your Eyes" in The Voice Blind Auditions.

He grew up in a trailer with his Mom and sisters in a small town.  He works in a factory as a machine operator.  He got married at 17 because he wanted to be with his wife forever and they were having a baby.  He dropped out of school at 17 to take care of his family.  His Grandpa and brother in law introduced to him music and he’s been playing parties locally.  He’s wearing a ball cap and playing guitar.  Classic country song with a different sound and more runs then typical country.  Blake mouths “he’s really good.”   Blake is the first chair to turn, not a big surprise.  One chair turn.  Adam says he was great.  Kelly says Keith Whitley is her husband’s favorite artist, and we all know you were picking Blake.  Blake says it’s the first song he learned to play on the guitar.  John says he has a rich tone.  Dalton is Team Blake!  Blake says Dalton is one of the best country singers we’ve heard this year.

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