America's Got Talent 2018 Da Republik Semifinals Performance Video

America’s Got Talent 2018 Da Republik Semifinals Performance

Da Republik Semifinals

This group barely got through the Quarterfinals. At the time, I was surprised the judges chose them over Front Pictures. Well they are here, and performing second. So don’t expect them to advance. Gotta have some canon fodder, I suppose. Their video package features the group gathering on a hillside…to stare at the sun, or something. No mention of their dramatic backstory either (They are from poor families in the Dominican Republic). There’s a ton going on onstage, none of it very interesting. Simon buzzes them. Mean. You put them though because you liked their personalities. What were you expecting? They’ve been mediocre since day one. Simon hated the routine. He felt it sucked out their personality. He predicts they won’t make it to the final. Mel appreciates their tricks and jumps. She felt they were a little under rehearsed. Heidi loved them. “I never get tired of you…spectacular.” Howie felt there were some mistakes. And that the first two acts are maybe allowing the pressure get to them. 

Da Republik: Dominican Dance Group On FIRE

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