Crystal Rose Shows Enormous Potential with “Wicked Game” – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Crystal Rose The Voice

It’s an honor for her to be here she’s proud of where she came from.  She had 7 siblings when she was younger her house burned down and her single Mom couldn’t keep her.  She grew up in a girls home, and felt forgotten.  She missed her Mom, wished it was different. She started singing in choir, music has always helped her escape and express her feelings.

 She’s a server at a French restaurant and plays gigs around town.  She has an interesting take on this song.  Really deep voice, and subdued.  She’s wearing a gold long dress and has a huge nose ring.  I don’t think she’s putting enough into the song, but she’s getting a little more into towards the end.

 I don’t think she put enough umph into this.  No chair turn.  Adam says it’s one of his favorites song, but it’s a tough song.  John tells her she was wonderful, but the song required dexterity.  Kelly says there were things she loved, but she was waiting for common threads.  Blake tells her her chest voice was so good, and if she could find a song in that she would be there.

Stay tuned for the artist selected for the Comeback Stage.  And the teams start to fill up!

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