Crystal Alicea Auditions for Idol With Sam Smith's "Lay Me Down"

Crystal Alicea Auditions for Idol With Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down”

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Crystal Alicea auditions for American Idol with “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith in front of Judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

Viewers reacted:

Aidan Price She has a good voice but her tone is nothing unique. She just sounds very bland. Can’t see her having a successful career post-show…

Devin Sumer
Wow she has a really great & controllable voice and her performance was really moving too without even knowing that this song meant so much to her. she looks like a star + she sings like one – it’s a yes from me

Kourtney Dixon
I’m from Winter Haven and my sister is good friends with her so I’m soo happy for her right now!

Lady bug
Saw the title,she was gonna sing
Sam Smith “Lay Me Down” had to click one of my favorite songs lol…

Arafik Salam
She sound like tory kelly nice… Voice…like.. Defrind..voice….good luck form malaysia

Cindy Golden Alderman It’s a shame the judges were being so distracting during her audition. They should save that for after the performance.

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