Cristina Ramos America’s Got Talent: The Champions Performance

Spain’s Got Talent 2016 – Winner – It’s her first time in America. “My dreams come true,” says Cristina about her life post-AGT. She grew up on a small Spanish island, and now she’s famous! In Spain, anyway. She performs an extremely operatic version of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Ehhhhhhhhh. Oh, but then she rips off her cape and switches to rock. So I guess this is her thing. To cross genres in the middle of songs. It’s kind of hokey, of you ask me. The judges give her a standing ovation. “That was brilliant!” shouts Mel. Howie thinks viewers will be talking about her tomorrow. Heidi loved it. Simon calls it “spectacular” and “your voice is off the charts.” Oh. Just like last week, Simon chides for not using the Golden Buzzer. But it’s all for show….

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Golden Buzzer Act! From opera to rock

Cristina Ramos  Semifinals Spain's Got Talent 2016

Edurne and Cristina Ramos perform live at the Grand Final 

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