Courtney Hadwin will perform at Woodstock for the 50th Anniversary

Courtney Hadwin Woodstockfest 50th 2019

Courtney Hadwin sings Old Town Road (Live Cover)

Courtney Hadwin – Someone You Loved (Live Cover)

Courtney Hadwin performing an acoustic cover of Jonas Brothers' Sucker. I can't get enough of this girl. I hope when she finishes recording she begins a concert tour here in America. I would drive as far as necessary to be at one of those shows.

Courtney Hadwin – Sign of the Times (Acoustic Cover)

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Courtney Hadwin the 14-year-old girl from Hartlepool who captured the attention of the world after her amazing AGT audition last year, will perform at Woodstock for the 50th Anniversary of the iconic festival.

Courtney has often spoken about how it is her dream to perform at Woodstock . The 50th anniversary celebration of Woodstock has a fantastic line up. Miley Cyrus, The Killers, Jay-Z, Imagine Dragons and Halsey are just a few the artists scheduled to perform along with Courtney.

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The season 13 finalist returns to take on the best of the world! Watch her perform her first original song, "Pretty Little Thing."

Courtney paired up with The Struts to perform "Could Have Been Me" and "Piece of My Heart" by Janis Joplin!

Courtney Hadwin performs 'I Got You (I Feel Good)' in the Semi-Finals of The Voice Kids UK 2017!

Viewer react to Courtney Hadwin Woodstockfest 50th 2019 

Susan Barans All you adults have to be more considerate. This is a child who probably has more talent than you have in your little toe. She is 100 authentic. She has her own voice, her own style so hush you haters.

Breahna Nichole Wright Never seen so many people complain of a child. Are you all that disappointed with your lives? 
Congratulations Courtney Hadwin!!!! Truly one of a kind

Janet Hofer Seriously? I mean…seriously? All she does is yell and stomp around like a 2-year-old having a tantrum

Daniel Young At least she's bringing rock and roll to Woodstock and not pop or hip-hop

Nate Rothman I still want to see her to do Janis Joplin's immortal classic Piece Of My Heart.

John Marsh She’s not my cup of tea. But if this is what you like, so be it. Being hateful is not right, grow up.

Charlene Ragan I can’t stand listening to her voice and watching how she jumps around the stage. In my opinion she is awful, not my thing. As a child she needs to realize that not everyone will like her or how she performs. This is show biz….not everyone will like what they see or hear.

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