Former AGT 2019 Courtney Hadwin Sucker (Acoustic Cover) Performance

Courtney Hadwin Sings Sucker (Acoustic Cover)

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Courtney Hadwin Sucker

Courtney Hadwin performing an acoustic cover of Jonas Brothers' Sucker. I can't get enough of this girl. I hope when she finishes recording she begins a concert tour here in America. I would drive as far as necessary to be at one of those shows.

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"Your support and love for my cover of "Sign of the Times" has been unreal. Still can't believe we've gotten over a million views! As promised, here's a new video for you guys!!! Check out my cover of Jonas Brothers "Sucker" on Just Jared Jr now"

This is why you're extraordinary!! An amazing voice, amazing songs….So exciting, so perfectly in control and the musical choices that make you unique!

Beyond incredible how this 15-year-old Queen of music and performance takes songs I'm vaguely aware of and makes me say, "play it again." And the way she works the camera

Courtney Hadwin performing an acoustic cover of Harry Styles' Sign of the Times

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We did not see that coming! You won't believe the performance from this eccentric teenager. Courtney earns Howie Mandel's Golden Buzzer sending her straight to the live shows.

Every Performance, every introduction, all Judges' comments, every in between video, getting the Golden Buzzer

Viewer react to Courtney Hadwin Sucker performance

Michael James Thompson I thought you were the best back when you were on AGT but you keep getting better and better! More control with the same power and passion! You're going to be a MONSTER!

Brenda Jo Edwards I love your voice and always love watching you perform I have been a fan since watching you on AGT also. You got serious talent dont ever quit singing…love it.

Glenn Triller I just love Courtney and her style Her voice and sound is uniquely her and her sense of style is unreal! She looks so good in those shiny pant suits, they really accentuate those legs of hers. Courtney is starting to look more mature by the day, I think the physical changes in her are amazing and I believe this will help her career in ways she can't even imagine. love Courtney Hadwin Sucker

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