Courtney Hadwin AGT Howie Mandel For Sending Her To Live Shows

Courtney Hadwin Thanks Howie Mandel For Sending Her To Live Shows

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Courtney Hadwin AGT

The 13-Year-Old thanks Howie Mandel for the golden buzzer. She chats about her experience on stage, as well as her musical inspirations, including Janis Joplin and James Brown.

Teenage singer Courtney Hadwin is the toast of America’s Got Talent after her sensational performance on this week’s show landed her Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer. The 13-year-old from County Durham – who previously reached the final of The Voice Kids in 2017 – is on her way to the live shows in the US after her performance of Hard To Handle had all the judges at the AGT auditions on their feet.

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And now it’s been revealed why she had America’s Got Talent in her sights. Her grandfather Tom Storey has explained to Mail Online that Courtney opted for America’s Got Talent rather than trying her luck at Britain’s Got Talent  because ‘the UK doesn’t get her’ and they are ‘confident she will do well in the US’. She’s certainly on her way to doing that if her first performance is anything to go by.

She admitted she was nervous when she took to the stage in spite of encouragement from Mel B – but quickly left the judges stunned with her performance of Hard To Handle, Simon Cowell looking particularly astonished by her powerful voice. So much so that she had all four of them on their feet, with Cowell telling her: ‘Bloody hell Courtney…you were like this shy little thing when you first came out, and then you sing and you’re like a lion. I mean genuinely, incredible.’

Howie Mandel was even more enthusiastic as he told her: ‘You’re from a whole different era,’ before he went on to compare her to Janis Joplin and tell her how she got her record deal after being discovered by Clive Davis. ‘I’m not Clive Davis, I’m Howie Mandel, and I can’t sign you to a record deal,’ he said. ‘The only thing I can do for you young lady is give you this!’ before slamming the Golden Buzzer and sending a tearful Courtney straight through to the live shows. When will Courtney be on America’s Got Talent again?

Courtney’s Golden Buzzer means she will now proceed straight to the live shows of America’s Got Talent – with a $1m prize and the chance to headline a show in Vegas on offer for the series winner. However the show still has several more weeks of auditions to run followed by the ‘Judges Cuts’ section – when acts which made it through the first auditions are rejected by the panel ahead of the live shows (because America’s Got Talent is a lot longer and more complex than Britain’s Got Talent you see). So you’ll just have to wait a while longer to see what she comes up with next…

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Viewers reacted to Courtney Hadwin AGT

Ashley Russell Kegley To be compared to Janis Joplin is an amazing compliment. Janis is my all time favorite and while nobody can replace her, this young lady is a close second! I'm a fan and ready for an album!! She's perfection.

Jennifer N Laws I'm such a darn cry baby.. Wow I had to watch it twice. Right before she gave the head nod I knew she was about to kill it. Soon as she stepped back she went into character. Stage presence is everything 

Charlotte Jensen She was on The Voice Kids, but obviously didn't make it all the way, so she's been invited to America (found out Simon does that a lot in both Britain and America, to make sure the talent is there)
An awesome second chance for this young lady. Well done

Cee Cauckwell I saw and heard Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Janice Joplin and this young lady All rolled into 1. I want to follow her and watch her become a big star. I will be Praying for her not to get mixed up with the drug scene.

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