"Country Post Malone" MYSTFIES Judges With Audition - American Idol 2020 on ABC -

“Country Post Malone” MYSTFIES Judges With Audition – American Idol 2020 on ABC

Dillon James American Idol

Dillon James gives a mysterious performance of “Make You Feel My Love” by Bob Dylan. Katy Perry calls him a “country Post Malone.” Will Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie agree?

He shares on instagram

“let me start off by saying. I NEVER WOULDA thought in a million years I’d Be singing in front of @katyperry @lionelrichie @lukebryan on @americanidol ! As many of my close family and friends know, as well as many don’t, I have had a very brutal last couple years fighting drugs and alcohol, I definitely realize through this almost 7 year journey “I’m” really nothing special and have problems just like everyone else, I’m only human like we all are. But Nothing in life no matter how good or bad, will last forever.but learning from my own mistakes over and over, losing my best friend, Finding myself alone sleeping on the streets multiple times with wrecked family life and nothing going for me or to look forward too,

I had nothing but time to learn to meditate to help progress my dreams of being happy again, To have my family again. To be me again. I saw that with perseverance and dedication anything is possible if I could invision it and justTrust the process. I’m so close to two years sober and I can truly say I love all you guys!! if you’re feeling alone you’re not!!! We are all one.namaste friends, never been a preacher but if I even only help one person who was in my shoes by the mistakes I’ve made, then I’m truly blessed. Peep American idol this Sunday to see my journey if I made it or not to Hollywood! One love”

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Viewer react to Dillon James American Idol performance tonight

Harlee Renee Handsome, tatted, humble man whom I’m happy dug himself out of his rut instead of getting stuck.
Yes, like some have said not the strongest voice but, getting through pushes you harder and he is very unique. I like his softness and it is a unique sound for sure.

Danielle Chason Barton What a beautiful soul! I’m so glad God brought you through your struggle! Keep pushing forward! You’re blessed with an amazing family & support system.

Pam Nelson Grandin As long as I’ve watched American Idiol from the very first show ever this year I believe it’s the first I’ve seen contestants mention drugs

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