Corey Ward The Voice Blind Audition PERFROMS Dancing on My Own

Corey Ward PERFROMS Dancing on My Own – The Voice Blind Audition 2021

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The Voice 20 is just around the corner. In the meantime, check out a round up of coach interviews talking up the new season. Can you imagine singing with John Legend during your Blind Audition


Corey Ward – Dancing on My Own by Robyn – 34 – Hartsville SC – Corey was a season 19 no chair turn. Now he’s back! He admits that he was very nervous. He’s been practicing every day! He purposely picked a “heartstrings” song. His mom was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. He’s crying. Dang, that’s rough. John and Kelly turn immediately. This time, Corey is very grounded in his performance. Emotional and his tone is so raspy and compelling. I’m surprised more didn’t turn, to be honest. Corey learned to stay true to himself. He loves Damien Rice and James Arthur. John felt Corey gave the song a whole new meaning. But Corey picks Kelly. John and Kelly turn, Corey picks Kelly I don’t think either coach remembered Corey from last time.

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