Aorey Dwyer Animal Adventure Park and Allysa Swilley

Corey Dwyer at Animal Adventure Park

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National Zookeeper Week: Corey

As everyone has come to know, Corey is no longer with AAP, however, the details are none of our business. We wish him well in future endeavours.

Corey, lead African Hoofstock caretaker and secondary Giraffe Keeper, has come a long way in a few short years. Now in his 4th season at the park; he worked his way up from casual animal care help to a lead team member. 


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Like a sponge; he has absorbed as much information and experience as possible to get him where he is today. His common sense approach, coupled with learned skills – brings a level of confidence and makes him a “go to” team member for many tasks.
Recently, Corey has taken on a coparenting role, assisting in rearing our new Lynx cub, and has also assisted with kangaroos and other critters in the past.
Whether you catch him at a keeper talk or assisting in the parking lots in the morning; he does it with dedication to the facility.
To have a senior position at such a young age only brightens his future in our industry – we hope he continues to shine with us for many years to come.
Thank you Corey!

Viewers reacted:

Carol Quattrachi-Musante Went in June I spoke to Corey about the infamous kick Tajiri had given him. He told me he wasn’t hurt he had to walk away from the camera because Taj pulled his pants down because his little foot got caught in his pant pocket and ripped it and pulled his pants down. We both laughed. He was a sweet man. Corey you rock and thank you for what you do for animals especially our Giraffe family at AAP. 

Al Brown Jordan, I commend you for talking up your employees and their accomplishments. I believe you’ve surrounded yourself with good, dedicated people and that is a reflection of the type of leader and boss you are!

Kathy Kuchta Mccoy I was at the park last week. My husband, a Vietnam veteran whom is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s who has such a great fondness for April and taj…met Corey when he took carrots without paying for them. I explained my daughter had my purse and I would pay when she joined up with me and told him my husband’s condition and he could not have been kinder or more compassionate! I SO appreciate how we were treated by the staff that we plan on making the 4 hour trek again to see it in the fall.

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