Colton Smith and Patrique Fortson Perform Blake Shelton’s “God Gave Me You” – The Voice 2018 Battles

Colton Smith vs  Patrique Fortson Battles

God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton – Colton was a student at Belmont University. He grew up gay in Alabama, and it was tough. But his mom is supportive.Patrique is a claims manager for an insurance company. In 2003, he was a semi-finalist on American Idol. Simon hated him! He recorded a gospel album at 7. Both are concerned about singing a country song. Jennifer is purposely trying to get them out of their boxes. They’re stripping it down to “take off the country nuances.” Halsey says she forgot it was a country song. She advises them to pay attention to their bodies. Jhud wants to make sure they both have a moment to show off. Halsey says the difference between the two singers: Patrique says “I’m giving you the song, I want you to like it” while Colton says here’s the song–If you don’t like it I don’t CARE if you like it.

Jennifer wants to SEE JESUS. 

It’s the battle of the soulful runs here. Patrique has the wider vocal range and his tone is like butter.But there’s something about Colton. He’s got a fierce stage presence. He’s hard to ignore! After the performance, Jennifer is so impressed, she throws her shoe!

Kelly calls it an amazing song choice, it allowed them to shine even more than the Blinds. Both good, but Kelly would choose Patrique. Adam calls it “the battle of the dudes with the great range.” Blake calls it a “cool vision for the song.” Blake jokes that the two of them sound so much alike! Patrique trills a little bit of “Oklahoma.” Ha. Jennifer calls them both “superb vocalists.” But she has to choose one! Jennifer Chooses Patrique. Oooh. And just as Colton is walking off the stage, Blake Steals Colton. But still–poor Colton, he’s such a huge JHud fanboy. 

The coaches sing “Thank You For Being A Friend” from Golden Girls

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