Colin Stough Sings Stupid Boy vs Either Way on American Idol Finale 2023

Not even worth watching the rest I never got all the hype about Iam and for some reason I never could get into Megan’s voice …I love Colin and he should have won he changed the most and I thought that’s what this show was about the judges always told everyone to use the stage but yet Iam always stood there singing the same type music all season.

Colin Stough Sings Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy” on the American Idol Finale 2023

Super bummed he was 3rd. Definitely don’t agree…. Is anyone else annoyed that they didn’t have the third round of them all singing their own songs they just released??? I feel like that’s been part of every finale until now. Even worse that he missed that chance since he has the best song.

Mississippi’s Colin Stough Performs “Either Way” on the American Idol Finale 2023

I’m so hugely bummed he went home even though I know he’s a huge star! Thank you for your story and what you brought to the show. Can’t wait to buy your music. Could totally tell by the judges comment and attitude changes who was going through tonight before they chose who was eliminated

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