Cody Ray Raymond Blind Audition The Voice 2018 Performance

Cody Ray Raymond Wows with Albert King’s “Born Under a Bad Sign” – The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions

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Cody Ray Raymond Blind Audition

26 – Seattle WA – Born Under a Bad Sign by Albert King -He’s a martial artist, as well as a musician. He had to get through hard things in his childhood. He joined the Air Force and was stationed on the North Pole. He spent a lot of time playing guitar. That’s when he decided to pursue music for real. He busked on the streets at first, followed by open mics. He calls the coaches “icons of hope.” He’s looking for a mentor. Accompanying himself on electric guitar, Cody has a growly, bluesy vocal. He’s decent. It takes a bit, but Kelly turns. She likes what she sees. Heh. Then, Jennifer turns. Kelly calls his runs, “crazy.” Jennifer gushes, “You are SO soulful.” Kelly adds, “It sounds effortless.” She wants to challenge him.” Jennifer calls him a melodic storyteller. His influences includes Seattle bands from the 90s. But he also loved Boyz II Men. Cody Chooses KellyAdam regrets not turning. 

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Fans react to Cody Ray Raymond Blind Audition

Anne-Mette Kold I was only half paying attention to the Voice while listening to my youngest son, when I saw Mt Dundas on the screen. Well that got my attention! Good luck from a fellow former Thuleite

John Wade You going places bro.. Everyone I show at work they're like damn who is he again..? Congrats for following your dreams man.

Aliki Harvey Cheering you on from Sweden! I can’t watch here unfortunately, but wish you the best of luck. You deserve it!

Amy Reuter I don't watch the voice but I definitely been watching it for you. Can't wait to see you perform you will definitely get a chair!More like 4 chairs!

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