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Civet Cat Was Tangled In Fence Until This Guy Came Along

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African civets look like a cross between a raccoon and wildcat, and although often referred to as African civet cats, they are not felines.

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Cindy Guarnieri
You are a wonderful human being for rescuing and saving this poor stuck helpless animal. Your compassion and empathy for our other living beings is how everybody should be

Judith Richards
Heaven only knows how long the cat had been there for. It’s great that you were travelling by at exactly the right time to help the cat! Thanks and love from Sydney Australia

Lucy Woo
Wow. Took a lot of nerves to do this. I’m sure there isn’t many ppl that would risk their life to rescue this wild beauty. Thank you for this. Another wildlife saved and hope this continues

Rhonda Martin
Wow I love animal ! You sure are brave to free this civet wildcat! His reaction to you wasn’t a pleasant one. He could have turned and attacked you in stead! Thank you for freeing this wildcat! You’re a lot braver than I would be! That thing sounds vicious!

Shelli Jones
What a brave and kind man! The world is a better place with him in it! The civet cat is extremely lucky that man drove by and chose to stop! Great job!

Bev Bittner
I saw this a while back. This wonderful man stopped while on the way elsewhere. He got out with no tools to help. I work with wildlife and I can tell you a wildcat is strong! I’m very impressed at his determination to help the ca

Julie Brown
Whoop thank God you didn’t get bite , you did a braved job so happy to free they cat sad see got into wires …now Om sire the cat ran off bet he happy be free

Judy Bunner
Thank you for hanging in there and freeing that civet cat! They all deserve a chance to be freed from harmful things!

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