Winsol the Aardvark is 4-Month-Old Aardvark

Cincinnati Zoo Baby Aardvark

Winsol is our 4-month-old aardvark. This was the first healthy aardvark baby to be born at the Zoo since 1994. The cub weighed about three pounds at birth and was named Winsol since he was born on the winter solstice. Aardvark babies stay with their mom for 6-8 months. At two years old they are considered adults and can have babies of their own. 

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s baby aardvark, named Winsol because he was born on the winter solstice, made his public debut this morning on a day that’s more like winter than spring! After three months of bonding with mom behind the scenes, visitors can finally catch a glimpse of the oddly adorable, wrinkly baby and his mom, Ali, in their Night Hunters habitat.


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Cincinnati Zoo is Saving Species with Milk! Whenever possible, the Zoo’s animal care team gets milk from lactating moms so scientists can analyze the composition. In Fiona the hippo’s case, knowing what was in her mom’s milk saved her life.  Now, Ali the aardvark is making weekly deposits to the National Zoo’s Exotic Animal Milk Repository so scientists can create a recipe for synthetic aardvark milk!

Fans reacted to Cincinnati Zoo Baby Aardvark

Jill Whitefoot I am nearly 4000 miles away and have never visited your wonderful zoo, but following your fb page with your photos and updates I feel a connection with these animals. I feel a great joy and pride. Its like watching the progress of a distant family member

Cynthia Rombach-Loeffler I had never given much attention to aardvarks before little Winsol was born. I knew they were kinda cute and a few misc facts about them but not much else. But I have to say, Winsol and his mama have turned me into a lover of aardvarks. Thank you for sharing Winsol's journey with us!

Thomas Murphy I am, like thousands of other addicts, in love with what is poste, in love with your animals, but WINSOL???? This is a great looking, healthy aardvark. The citizens of your city are lucky people. Oh, yes: when will Fiona plan to announce that she's running in 2020?

Suzanne Wagner Winsol has been a brilliant example of his species. He is charming and affectionate and so very cute!

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