Cincinnati Bengals New Uniforms Memes 2021 Photos

Cincinnati Bengals New Uniforms Memes

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The Bengals are riding into 2021 with new threads. The team unveiled a full set of new uniforms Monday on their social media accounts.

Cincinnati Bengals New Uniforms Memes

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John Pags
Joe Burrow’s should have grass stains on it cause he’ll spend the whole season getting knocked down!

Grian Kraemer
These are so clean. I’m honestly so hyped now to see them go 4-13, but this time with style.

Brandon Webb
Wow, a comment section that isn’t completely dragging these unis. Tired of ppl saying they’re the same as the old ones. Same ppl that said the Rams unis were  until they saw them in an actual game and loved them

Brad Dwin
Looks like they are ready for the XFL season!

Johnny Windhorst
As a designer this is very disappointing.
It’s like going to the barber asking for a new look and he uses a number 2 on the back instead of a number 3

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