Ciera Dumas The Voice Blind Auditions 2019 | "Tell Me You Love Me"

Ciera Dumas Sings “Tell Me You Love Me” – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Ciera Dumas The Voice 

Ciera Dumas Sings "Tell Me You Love Me" 

She says 22 and then she says I’ve already aged myself, she’s actually 21.  She currently has pink hair, but she’s not afraid to take chances with her hair and has had lots of colors.  

Singing has always been in her life.  She moved to Nashville at 19, and was “most likely to win The Voice” in her high school yearbook.  She moved back home to NC.  Her Mom says this is all she’s ever wanted.  Her voice is really clear and unique.  Adam and John almost immediately turn.

 She has good power, control, she’s very comfortable up there.  She has a little grit, rasp in the chorus.  Surprisingly, only a two chair turn.  Adam says she’s powerful, spectacular voice.  John says they were both mesmerized by her voice.  She got nervous when they turned around, but he felt the power, pain and emotion.  

She has a story to tell.  Kelly says her favorite voice was her rasp.  Blake says the shred part of her voice is the money.  John tells her don’t give up the shred.  Blake pushes hard for John.

 Adam says her voice captures the entire room, she can go real far and maybe win this thing.  Ciera picks Team Adam!  Adam tells us Ciera is awesome, and she’s going to be a big surprise to everybody. hope you love Ciera Dumas The Voice  performance


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