Ciana Pelekai vs Pia Renee Perform Cuz I Love Your The Voice Knockouts

Ciana Pelekai and Pia Renee Fight for Their Spot on the Show – The Voice Knockouts 2021

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Daham, Pia! That was fantastic! My condolences to you on the loss of your mother. She is certainly smiling down on you.

Pia definitely took this one home! Her poise and control was just flawless

Ciana Pelekai performs “Dance Monkey” during The Voice Blind Auditions.

Viewer reaction:

Janaya Erin Hall
Kylah here are my thoughts:
1. No one will sing Cuz I Love You better than Tamara Jade last season
2. Pia’s outfit is reminiscent of a DC villain who injected themselves with some sort of lizard serum. Think The Amazing Spiderman 1, but female and on a lower budget. (She definitely won this knockout though, no questions)

Joyce Keeling
I’m still a Cam fan,although Pia did an extremely beautiful job,congratulations on your performance.

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