Chuck Says Trump ‘EXACTLY RIGHT’ on China, ‘Disappointed’ in Obama

Chuck Says Trump ‘EXACTLY RIGHT’ on China, ‘Disappointed’ in Obama

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Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) heaped praise Thursday on President Trump's decision to ck down on China's trade practices. "I don't agree with President Trump on a whole lot, but today I want to give him a big pat on the back. He is doing the right thing when it comes to China," Schumer said from the Senate floor. He added that "unfortunately, previous presidents, Democrat and Republican, just stood by as China did what it did to us. President Trump is exactly right."

Trump is expected to announce on Thursday new tariffs against China in light of an investigation into intellectual property theft. Democrats have pressed Trump for months to get tougher on China. They were critical of his steel and aluminum tariffs in part because they felt they didn't do enough to target Beijing. Schumer added on Thursday that he is "very pleased" with Trump's latest move and that "I commend him." "Today's announcement by the president will be a great start in that direction. Democrats, Republicans, Americans of ever political ideology, every region in the country should support these actions," he said.

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Eleanor Covino, it's because he thinks they are passing the Omnibus budget, and if they do, I am taking myself off of the Trump Train. It's a slap in the face to all REAL Americans. You know the ones who PAY the BILLS!

BA Brandt Want to KNOW why the deep state wants TRUMP out…. READ this book…"KILLING THE DEEP STATE" by Corsi… then you will KNOW just how corrupt our government really is… TRUMP is our only hope to save our nation from the BAD GUYS… really BAD BAD PEOPLE! This will make your skin crawl … it will make you cry to read just how SICK this world is…SERIOUSLY… you can get this book from AMAZON…everyone should KNOW the real truth!

Myra Speich Toms That means that Trump shouldn’t do it, whatever it is. If it’s good for Chuckie it’s bad for Americans! Chuck and Nancy are as two faced as they come.

Hazel Harmon Davis DON'T SIGN the house's spending bill! Schumer is trying to suck up so you'll swallow that democratic-friendly budget, hook, line, and sinker! Don't go for it!

Nina MP HURRY !!! Check Chucky's temperature he might be running a fever !! Watch out President Trump Chucky boy is up to something.

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