Christiana Danielle The Voice 2018 Knockout | Elastic Heart

The Voice 2018 Knockout – Christiana Danielle: “Elastic Heart”

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Christiana Danielle The Voice 2018 Knockout

Christiana Danielle sings Sia's "Elastic Heart" during knockouts.

She is melting our "Elastic Heart!"     

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Viewers reaction :

Lacie Jay She is my favorite in this whole competition. She's got such a beautiful voice and I would buy her album today.

Vanessa Gusman I really like her, but to be honest if they didn't post what the title of the song was i would have no clue that it was "Elastic Heart"…. I mean until she got to the chorus…. but Idk. I think her renditition altered it a bit too much for my taste. She's still one of my favorites though!

Sheryl Donald Christiana is one of My Favorites!! She is so talented and she has an innocence about her!

Phyllis Booker People are saying Christiana should have switched because Alicia picked Terrance. It was no big deal which of them she picked because she had a SAVE and knew she could keep both of them. 
Thank goodness for the SAVE so each coach can keep two of their best Team members and we can have a good competition with lots of good singing this season.

Linda Fairbanks Don't like Terrance at all. Kristiana is great.Don't pick Alicia you were second best to her.

Maa Adwoa Her voice is incredible. No screaming, just a deep nice soothing sound. She won that knock out, my opinion though.

Cheryl Brown Well you are excellent and your voice carries through and it’s easy to understand when you sing. I cannot even pick a winner out of everyone on the Voice. The Talent is just so high and out of this world, this year. Christiana Danielle is very very good.

Elle Hodges Sooo… I didn't know what song this was….& then I did & then I thought, like Sia, what the heck is she saying…& then I thought like Sia, it doesn't matter what she's saying…she made it a different song…it was just really nice. I didn't see the guy, but I hope she moves forward

Desiree Barrera Weston In my opinion, Christiana was better than Terrance. I'm not surprised Alicia chose him over her when he sang a Chaka Khan song. I'm still salty about Alicia choosing a Chaka Khan wannabe (Sa'Rayah) over the multi-talented Michael Sanchez in Season 11.

Michelle Ercolini Christiana is so sweet,. Woot stayed with Alicia, love Adam and Kelly, but she fits with Alicia. Alicia please,. Let them sing some toe tapping feel good songs

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