Christiana Danielle Say Something The Voice 2018 Top 12 Performance

The Voice 2018 Christiana Danielle – Top 12: “Say Something”

Christiana Danielle Say Something

We want to “Say Something” about Christiana Danielle’s performance, but we are SPEECHLESS.

Christiana Danielle sings A Great Big World's "Say Something" during the live top 12 performances.

Viewers reacted to Christiana Danielle Say Something

Alison Black Hey, credit to all the singers tonight… but boo to the producers for having Christiana let a bunch of balloons go RIGHT NEXT TO AN OCEAN. You do realize they'll probably be choking wildlife soon. Not cool. This show generally does a great job with social responsibility and this was a pretty stunning oversight. You're great with people – please don't forget animals too!

Jeannine Comtois Bennett Can we send them all home and start over? I'm beginning to think The Voice is done. No talent this season. Kereoke singers one and all.

Seoul Sistah Her voice is amazing!! Her tone is unlike others! She certainly has an original sound. I believed her. I like her.

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