Chris Kroeze The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions "Pride and Joy"

Chris Kroeze Shines with Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Pride and Joy” – The Voice 2018 Blind Auditions

Chris Kroeze The Voice 

This is country music realness

Chris Kroeze sings Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Pride and Joy" during the Blind Auditions.

Chris Kroeze sings Four Letter Words

Chris Kroeze Music "The Joker"-Steve Miller Band (Cover)

Chris Kroeze Hallelujah (Christmas)

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Viewers react to Chris Kroeze The Voice 

Julie Peterson Yeah, he is from Wisconsin and he entertains troops. What class!

Denise Leschisin Good job Chris Kroeze Music you did awesome! Great choice..Team Blake! So cool going to the Middle East and singing for the Troops. Be proud from small town Barron Wisconsin

Jennifer Olson Awesome job Chris from your neighbors in Chetek!!! Way to put our small towns on the map!!!!! So proud of you!!!!!! Keep up the awesome job.. Barron County WISCONSIN Proud love Chris Kroeze The Voice 

Karen Nevin Chris, so immensely proud of you. Your song choice was PERFECT! We are fans watching/ following your " Voice" journey from Minneapolis. (My hubby's hometown is Barron, mine is Rice Lake) You have the whole state of Wisconsin cheering you on, I'm sure. Didn't take Blake long to recognize some true talent; glad you are on his team

Amanda Kay Way to go Chris! Wisconsin backs you all the way! Team Blake and Team Kroeze!

Mandy Lindemans Such an awesome musician and an absolutely wonderful man, friend, husband, father…. could have happened to a better man! Way to go Chris!!! All of Wisconsin and now, half of the US is rooting for you.

Jesseka Illa Amazing as always!! Lots of love from you Barron, WI friends!! You got this!! We have been doing the whole do your remember game here tonight!! You make us smile and oh so proud

Rick Bjelland Awesome job Chris Kroeze! With all you have going on, it is pretty impressive for you to go the Mideast to entertain the troupes again. Glad to see you got back in time to see the airing tonight.

Michele Eberle Amazing job. You are so deserving of this. Thank you for everything you do for our troops. We love you. We will always remember the pontoon performance on Bear Lake. Best summer ever. Good luck. We are cheering for Chris Kroeze The Voice 

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